Trio for 3 female dancers, silent

Choreography Jean-Pierre Perreault Costumes Jean-Pierre Perreault Dancers Francine Boucher, Janet Oxley, Roberta Mohler Premiere January 17, 1975, Centaur Theatre, Montreal Produced by Le Groupe de la Place Royale Length 18 minutes

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In 2011, Ginelle Chagnon, a close associate of Jean-Pierre Perreault from 1984 to 1999, conducted a series of approximately 90-minute interviews with six of his collaborators in order to preserve their memories of the man. They talk about their relationships with Perreault, the works in which they were involved and their approaches to the creative process.

Tassy Teekman discusses Monuments.

  • Monuments, contributor interview 2011_1

    Tassy Teekman, dancer

  • Monuments, contributor interview 2011_2

    Tassy Teekman, dancer

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